& I pray …

“Glorious & Majestic Father, blessed be Your holy name.
We glorify You in Your breathtaking splendor.
We exalt You with hearts of gratitude and absolute awe for the ABSOLUTE LOVE which You recklessly and yet so meticulously poured out on us through Your One and One Son, Jesus Christ. We bless You, our King Jesus Christ and praise You for the wonder of salvation that came through Your meek and wondrous divinity.

Thank You for the precious treasure of the Holy Spirit – grant us the grace to be pure Temple’s my King.

Father, I come before You today praying that You grant me the grace to face each day You give me without familiarity. Grant me a pure heart to acknowledge the miracle and mercy of a new day.
On this day, a year, and years from now, I want to look upon You still in absolute awe of Your glory, power, and majesty.

Cleanse this heart daily in Your presence my Father.
Create in me now a clean heart – for without a pure heart that reflects You, Your majesty is eclipsed by my own selfish desires and goals.

It is this time of the year again where we want with all that we are to begin strong and finish the year with a bang.
We feel a new surge of energy.
We see newness on the horizon, the silver lining, a clean slate but all this withers away without TOTAL DEPENDENCE on Your strength, heart, Word, and fellowship.

Father, help me to begin & proceed humble before You.
Help me to begin as an empty vessel carried by the Holy Spirit to be continually filled with the refreshing Living Water You are.
Help me to decrease, Jesus, that You whom I call my Lord, my Master, my King may increase for without You…without You I am nothing…

And this year onwards LORD, I cry out,
“Help me to remember.
I don’t want to forget what You have brought me through.
I don’t want to forget why I sowed these tears in sorrow.
I pray the You water what I have sown with wisdom my God and I pray it produces good, sweet and refreshing fruit in abundance.

Help me to take every difficult & simultaneously beautiful lesson You taught me in Your garden, every victory You gave me, every stillness, every moment with You with me because I want to – no…I need to grow with You, towards You, leaning on You completely as a rock does to the pull of gravity.

“This” cannot remain here – not never again…
You wiped my tears, lifted my eyes and showed me just a glimpse of the land beyond this mountain and so I choose now to move from this mountain I have been going around aimlessly filled with self-righteousness.
I know I cannot get there alone – in fact, I won’t make it there without you, the only way is on your shoulders, listening to you, enjoying the ride and before I know it, it will be time.

I trust You.

Usually I say, “this year I want x…” and I’ve got it all set out, and somewhere along the way it all just goes pear shaped because Your ways are higher than my own and so now, humbled and convicted by Your precious Holy Spirit I say, “I’m listening.”
With great peace and appreciation for Your plan and will for my life, I am listening intently.

I am listening because I trust You.
I am listening because I now know I don’t have to see everything – it can so easily distract from the “why”, which all in all is You my Love, and so Father, I’m listening…

No longer straining my eyes to see but listening, trusting in You & Your word that has stood the test of time.

I choose to rest in the peace You give and not worry about tomorrow.
Last year You calmed the most violent internal storms and commanded my soul to, “Be Still.”

Now as you lift my eyes to look upon You my Love, I simply go into this following year, ATTENTIVE.
That’s my one and only resolution – to be : ATTENTIVE.


Attentive to You, I know that from this all else will follow & this gives me the freedom You offered me from the very beginning.

Thank You for loving me as relentlessly as You do, I love You.

In Jesus name, I pray.


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