“I am the Ultimate.” – God

You might be wondering where I’ve been. I had to take time to refocus – focus on what really matters. This was a time that came so abruptly but at an incredibly necessary time. Don’t you just love how meticulous God’s work and timing is? I won’t say that this time made for an easy year though – no. But it helped me understand the necessity of the seasons of dry lands. My love and my faithfulness to my Father was put through a refining fire this year. This time launched a desperate search for the heart of my Father once again. So many changes happened and I was just so desperate for normalcy, or rather what I knew. But that’s not where growth occurs does it? I think this is a lesson I will always have to be reminded of at certain points in my life – it’s one for the road.

Through the precious heart of the Holy Spirit God just revealed to my heart that I was so caught up in the works, in the next, the dream, the call,  the more and the purpose and although these are all good parts of the walk with Christ they aren’t the ultimate.

My constant pursuit of the promises under the illusion that this was me experiencing more of God eclipsed the most beautiful part of it all, what once was & thankfully is again,  an authentic relationship filled with child-like awe and deep reverence. Familiarity dessensitised me to the awe that is my Majestic King.

I wept. I truly wept before the throne of my Father but the Holy Spirit as the Comforter that He is just whispered,  “Look up and see you are before the throne of God where mercy meets you Faithful Daughter. And remember that there is now no condemnation for you. I am your Advocate and the accusations of Satan are void for the blood of the Lamb will always be your Defender. These accusations will always Passover. Take heart.” My heart felt free from the pain of having lost sight and regained encouragement in that my Helper never left me but fought for my eyes to opened and convicted me of this sin that I may conquer – words cannot express my gratitude. Everytime I try to…tears just stream down my face. The love of God is enveloped in mercy.

This sudden encounter with my glorious Father has given me so much peace. I now know that from this place, from this relationship all things will flow. I used think, “once I’ve done this…”, or “once I’ve achieved x…” (Imagine the pressure!) then the depth of my relationship with my King will be validated.  But my Father looked upon me with the warmest smile and said, “My precious dove, your works do not validate my relationship with you. My grace is sufficient for you. Fix your heart on me and I will do the rest. I simply want you, that’s why my Son chose you to share in the glorious inheritance of the glory of life everlasting at home.”

All in all,  this is what I have learnt and what I desperately want to share with you and hope you take it and run… GOD IS THE ULTIMATE. Nothing compares. NOTHING. We can get so caught up in living out the dream and the purpose and pray over it so much, which is great and all but can I let you in on a secret? As long as your relationship with God is enough for you and truly the ultimate – the ultimate point of joy, wholeness, fulfillment in your life then everything will flow from the oil of this close fellowship with Him. This is freedom – knowing that God is the ultimate…not the purpose, not the other but God.

I want to encourage you in these last days to return to the LORD; turn your heart back to Him in a child-like attitude. I have realised that the greatest hinderance of the mature Christian is the loss of a child-like nature before the Father. We need this nature, this nature is who we are. In the world we are mighty, the salt and the light, a royal priesthood, soldiers, loving, wise and spirit-filled for the Great Commission but before our Father? Let us be meek and like children, never losing our wander. Let us be like fools before Him, sensitive to the Holy Spirit and eager to hear from the Father and  learn.

In these last days, fall…Fall again my beautiful Skyscraper, collapse into His grace and fall in awe, in love, and in reverence again…

Enthrone God above all my dear Skyscraper and fall before it. These times call for such a heart.

I love you, and it feels good to share. I pray this word truly ministers to you.

Until next time Skyscraper, 😘.


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  1. Kuku Afanga says:

    You definitely summarized my 2017.
    Unshaken, Refocused, Saved ultimately by grace and not works…. & the secret recipe of contentment which is when Christ satisfies your soul, when he is enough for you, when we are content in him, he is truly all we need!

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    1. Sindi says:

      Glory to God! Thank you for taking the time to read the post. Thank God indeed! It can only be Him, ❤.


  2. sharonmohie says:

    Reblogged this on theloverevolutionary and commented:
    Back to my First Love

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  3. yerorp says:


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